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Public Proceedings

Webcast Roundtable: Contemporary Community Policing, Community Safety and Well-being

September 7, 2022 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

To listen to live audio from the proceedings, call 1-877-385-4099 (toll-free) and enter code 1742076, followed by the # sign.



  • Roundtable: Contemporary Community Policing, Community Safety and Well-being
    • Members include:
      • Mr. Cal Corley: Mr. Corley is the CEO of the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CKSA) and former Assistant Commissioner of the RCMP.
      • Dr. Sulaimon Giwa: Dr. Giwa is the endowed chair in criminology and criminal justice at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, as well as an associate professor and associate dean of social work at Memorial University.
      • Chief Mark Kane: Chief Kane was originally from the United Kingdom where he was a serving police officer. He then came to
        Canada after being recruited by Calgary Police Service. He then went to Manitoba as police Chief before arriving in Nova Scotia late in 2020. 
      • Dr. Jamie Livingston: Dr. Livingston is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminology at Saint Mary’s University.
      • Professor Denise Martin: Professor Martin is Professor of Criminology at Abertay University in Scotland and Associate Director of the Scottish Institute of Police Research.
      • Dr. Chris Murphy: Dr. Chris Murphy has been involved in research, teaching, publishing and consulting on policing policy and reform in Canada for over 40 years.
      • Dr. Hugh C. Russell: Dr. Russell is a social psychologist with over 50 years of experience enabling communities to take more responsibility for their own development and well-being.
      • Dr. Amy Siciliano: As Public Safety Advisor for Halifax Regional Municipality, Amy leads the municipality in its journey toward holistic, collaborative approaches to community safety and wellbeing.
    • Participant Representatives - Afternoon Session
      • Ms. Hayley Crichton, Executive Director, Public Safety and Security Division - Nominated by: Department of Justice Nova Scotia
      • Ms. Dawn Ferris, Executive Director, Autumn House
      • Kristina Fifield, Trauma Therapist, Avalon Centre
      • Dr. El Jones, Assistant Professor, Mount Saint Vincent University - Nominated by: BC Civil Liberties Association & East Coast Prison Justice Society
      • Ms. Mukisa Kakembo, Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia - Nominated by: Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland Nova Scotia
      • Insp. Kurtis Kamotzki, District Policing Officer in H Divison - Nominated by: Department of Justice Canada
      • Mr. Hubert Martin, Nova Scotia H-Division South West District - Nominated by: National Police Federation
      • Mr. Steve Mills, Retired RCMP Officer - Nominated by: RCMP Veterans

Visit the Roundtables webpage to learn more about the core themes of the roundtables and the members participating.


  • Share your suggestions for change to help inform the Commission's final report and recommendations to help make our communities safer.
  • Visit the calendar for the proceedings schedule.
  • View the documents section for Research, Foundational Documents and Additional Exhibits that are entered into evidence during proceedings.
  • To learn more about the Commission's third and final phase of work, visit the frequently asked questions page.
  • All timing, agendas, format and schedules are subject to change and will be updated here as required.


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