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March 29, 2023

This update includes information about the Final Report, including a breakdown of the volumes and information about the Report’s release.

The Final Report of the Mass Casualty Commission will be released tomorrow on Thursday, March 30, 2023. Ahead of that, we want to cover some additional details surrounding the release:

What to expect

The Report will be released on March 30, 2023 at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro, Nova Scotia and via live webcast, both starting at 12 pm noon ADT. The event will run for approximately one hour. Participants, government, community, stakeholders, media and the public are welcome to attend. Please email to RSVP for the in-person release.

The live webcast will be available on the Home page and Webcast page of the Commission’s website. You do not need to RSVP to access the live webcast. You can also listen to live audio from the release by calling 1-877-385-4099 (toll-free) and enter code 7706700, followed by the # sign. A recording of the release will remain available on the Commission website so that you may watch at a time that works best for you.

About the Report

The Final Report will share our detailed findings of what happened, how and why, and address each specific area outlined in our Orders in Council. The Report will be organized thematically across seven volumes:

  • Volume 1: Context and Purpose
  • Volume 2: What Happened
  • Volume 3: Violence
  • Volume 4: Community
  • Volume 5: Policing
  • Volume 6: Implementation
  • Volume 7: Process

An executive summary of the Final Report will also be available once the Report has been released. The length of the Final Report will be about 3000 pages. We understand no one will have the time to read the Report in advance or even on the day of the release. We encourage everyone to take the time to read and process the Report over the coming weeks, then begin the sustained and collaborative conversations and work required to implement the recommendations and improve the safety of our communities. Recommendations will address topics in the mandate including:

  • Access to firearms
  • Communications between and within law enforcement agencies and other services
  • Communications with the public, including public alerting
  • Gender-based and intimate partner violence
  • Police actions, including operational tactics, response, decision-making and supervision
  • Police policies, procedures and training
  • Prior interactions, and any relationship of the perpetrator, with the police and social services
  • The steps taken to inform, support and engage those most affected.

Once the Report has been officially released, all seven volumes and related materials, including the executive summary, appendices and annexes will be available on our Final Report page. These documents will be preserved and available through Library and Archives Canada for future access.

While tomorrow marks the end of the Commission’s work with the release of the Final Report, we all share a responsibility to act on the coming recommendations. This will require ongoing commitment from many people and organizations, and we are reassured to know that we are passing the baton to stakeholders, partners and communities far and wide, who are dedicated to help make communities safer in the future.

Tomorrow will be an emotional day for many. The Department of Justice is making a four-person trauma team available, along with Victim Services staff available on site in Truro for the day of the release. These team members are known within the community as they have been involved with providing support over many months since the events in 2020. In addition, two hotel rooms have been booked at the release site to be used as needed to meet with members of this team. Additionally, on the day of, and in the time after the release, there will be continued access to the women’s, men’s and all-gender helplines operated by Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia and accessed through 211. The Province has augmented funding and staffing to both of these organizations. Members of the Commission’s Mental Health Team will also be on-site. Lastly, a reminder that if you or someone you know needs support or help, please make use of the wellness support resources listed on our website.

We hope to see you in Truro, and that you have time in the coming weeks to read the Final Report.


The Mass Casualty Commission

Hon. J. Michael MacDonald, Chair

Leanne J. Fitch (Ret. Police Chief, M.O.M.)

Dr. Kim Stanton

Content Warning: The following video contains scenes including the discharging of firearms causing death. There is a “quick exit” button at the top of the website if you need it, and Wellness Supports are also listed.

Some of the information within this website may be disturbing or upsetting for some visitors. This website deals with information about events that include gun and other violence, including gender-based violence and intimate partner violence. If you need to leave at any point, there is a “quick exit” button at the top of the website. This website also includes some suggested resources, should you be in need of support.

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