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March 22, 2022

When public proceedings resume Monday, March 28, we are able to welcome members of the public to attend in person at the Halifax Convention Centre due to the Province of Nova Scotia lifting public health restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provincial public health restrictions are subject to change and we will continue to follow them as appropriate. We will also continue to encourage physical distance within our seating configurations on-site when possible. Please be mindful and respectful of those who choose to continue wearing masks in public.


If you would like to attend public proceedings, please register in advance by filling out the available form. Please note that starting the week of April 4, 2022, our venue location for public proceedings will change periodically. The calendar and the registration portal will have different locations depending on the date you wish to attend. Spaces for the public may be limited and vary by site locations.

What to Expect On-site at the Halifax Convention Centre

The entrance for the proceedings at the Halifax Convention Centre is on Grafton Street in Rogers Square. The proceedings room is on the fifth floor. There will be staff on-site and signs posted to help people find their way. Seating available to members of the public will be well-marked. Doors to the room open at 8 a.m. and proceedings start at 9:30 a.m. Please check the calendar for the dates, times and locations for public proceedings.

Mental Health and Wellness Supports

Mental health and wellness team members will be available on-site for those that require them at any point during the proceeding. If you feel you need support, please visit the registration table, or let any Commission staff member know. Commission staff will be wearing blue nametags. As soon as a mental health team member receives a text, call, or a wave over, they will be there immediately to chat with you about support and available quiet spaces. Commission staff members will stay with you until the mental health team member arrives.


There will be members of the media on-site during the proceedings. There are designated media areas and only Commission approved cameras are permitted to film or photograph during proceedings. Occasionally, media will be permitted to film in the room for the first fifteen minutes of proceedings in the morning to capture some footage.


Starting April 4, venue locations for public proceedings will change periodically. Please check the calendar regularly for updates on times and locations. We will continue to update the calendar and website regularly to keep the public well-informed and up to date.

Community Viewing Site

We have discontinued our Truro community viewing site due to low attendance thus far. We will continue to monitor the needs of communities, and if there is interest for a viewing site, we will work to accommodate what is required. If you are interested in somewhere to watch the proceedings for yourself or a group, please contact us in advance at or 902-407-7532.

As always, you can watch the Commission’s webcast on our website, or to listen to live audio from the proceedings by calling 1-877-385-4099 (toll free) and entering code 1742076 followed by the # sign. Recordings of the webcast are available and accessible through the website, so that you may watch the proceedings at a time that works best for you.

Content Warning: The following video contains scenes including the discharging of firearms causing death. There is a “quick exit” button at the top of the website if you need it, and Wellness Supports are also listed.

Some of the information within this website may be disturbing or upsetting for some visitors. This website deals with information about events that include gun and other violence, including gender-based violence and intimate partner violence. If you need to leave at any point, there is a “quick exit” button at the top of the website. This website also includes some suggested resources, should you be in need of support.

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