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The Mass Casualty Commission is an independent public inquiry created to examine the April 18-19, 2020 mass casualty in Nova Scotia and to provide meaningful recommendations to help keep communities safer. On October 21, 2020 the Government of Canada and Province of Nova Scotia each issued an Order in Council (OIC) officially establishing the Commission and announcing the appointment of the three Commissioners and the beginning of this important work.

During the inquiry the Commissioners will listen, ask questions and gather information as part of their investigation. At the end of the mandate, in November 2022, the Commission will submit a report containing findings, lessons learned and recommendations to help prevent and respond to similar events.


To provide clarity around the causes, context and circumstances that led to the April 2020 mass casualty in Nova Scotia and make meaningful recommendations to help keep communities safer in the future.


This Commission is independent of any governments, institutions or other associations of individuals or groups.

In order to create a thorough, evidence-based record, difficult questions will need to be asked and uncomfortable facts will need to be considered. We intend to perform our duties with compassion and with an unwavering commitment to a full, transparent and independent inquiry.

The Commission’s process will be inclusive, accessible, transparent, and conducted with humanity. The Commission will listen, learn, investigate, and share what has been brought to light in a final public report, with sustainable recommendations, and a thorough, evidence-based record.


Read about what the Commission has been directed to do.

The Commissioners

Meet the Commissioners conducting the inquiry.

What to Expect

Read about the Commission's process and what can be expected.

Commission Team

Meet the Commission team supporting the work of the inquiry. 

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